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Gold Bond Mattresses 

At Oak Cabin Furnitre, we currently carry only one brand of mattresses, and that is Gold Bond. Gold Bond is a trusted brand within the mattress manufacturing industry, beginning operations in 1899 in Hartford, Connecticut, where they still conduct operations today. 

Gold Bond mattresses is the only brand of mattresses that we carry at Oak Cabin Furniture because we feel that the product they offer is superior to their competitors and will fit the needs of any of our customers. Our mattresses that we carry at Oak Cabin through Gold Bond Mattress are made with the utmost quality and comfort, while proving exceedingly durable as well. The mattresses that we carry in store through Gold Bond are all standard with a 10 to 15 year warrants (dependent upon the model) which in itself is a testament towards the quality of the mattress we sell. Gold Bond Mattresses are able to set themselves apart forms he competition when it comes to their warranty, as well as the craftsmanship that goes into their products.


Gold Bond mattresses are made using "old world techniques combined with new age technology." Some of these quality points that Gold Bond offers over their competitors among their mattresses are encased coils with steel edge support, flippable comfort options, or an edge to edge steel wiring for a full sleeping surface. 

Laying down on one of our Gold Bond Mattresses will surely show a customer the quality difference that is included within each of their fine mattresses. Clicking on the Gold Bond brand logo below will allow you visit their website for a better look at all they have to offer. Below they logo will showcase some of their products that we currently carry at Oak Cabin Furniture with links embedding in the pictures to gain further information. 

To our left, you can see a cut out display of what is inside of our Buckingham Plush mattress by Gold Bond. 


Some quality characteristics that you see on display here is the encased pocketed coils, the wire edge support (hour glass shape on the outside), and the two padded sides making it flippable for comfort (soft side and firm side). 

All of these quality characteristics are included within the Buckingham Plush model to help with the longevity and sustainability of our Gold Bond Mattresses. The Buckingham Plush is backed with a 15-year non-pro-rated warranty.

To the right is the Gold Bond Chelsea Plush mattress that we one display at Oak Cabin Furniture. 

This mattress includes some key quality characteristics that set itself apart from a traditional mattress. Included within the Chelsea Plush from Gold Bond Mattress is their double sided construction, edge to edge steel support wiring, as well as the steel edge supports. 

The Chelsea Plush mattress is backed by a 10-year, non-pro-rated warranty to help better guarantee the support and comfortability of their mattress will stand up agains the test of time.

The next mattress that we have on display at Oak Cabin Furniture is the Hybrid from Gold Bond's brilliance collection. 

This mattress is a superior comfort mattress that we offer that is made with Vytex Latex, which makes it one of their most durable products ever. Combining this Vytex Latex with their steel edge and encased coil technology allows for this mattress to offer superior comfort, while remaining cool while you sleep. 

Combined with their 15-year, non-pro-rated warranty, this Hybrid Brilliance model will keep you sleeping comfortably for many years to come.

The final mattress we have on display at Oak Cabin Furniture is the Serene Comfort Foam. 

This mattress is purely a foam mattress, without any coil technology. This mattress combines three layers of high quality foam; 1.Serene Comfort Foam, 2. Avena Comfort Foam, and Certi-Pure Certified foam. These three layers of foam allow for the product to remain corfotable over time while also allowing the mattress to breath so that you do not not get overheated while sleeping. 

All of these quality benefits of the Serene Comfort Foam mattress are backed up by a 10-year, non-pro-rated warranty. 

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